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Amis condemns Muslim extremists as ‘miserable bastards’ February 16, 2007

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Martin Amis has launched an attack on “miserable bastards” in the British Muslim community, accusing them of trying to destroy multicultural society by failing to “fit in” with other faiths.

Young men in late adolescence were being targeted and brainwashed by extremists into joining the “death cult” that was behind last year’s London bombings, he said.

The comments, to an audience at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, came after Amis, 57, son of the writer Kingsley, was asked to describe his recent return to London, after two and a half years living in Uruguay, where his wife, the writer Isabel Fonseca, has family.

“When I come back to Britain I see a pretty good multicultural society,” he said. “The only element that is not fitting in is Islam. Who else isn’t fitting in?”

“In this country what’s happening is that young men in late adolescence and early manhood have a period of self-hatred and disgust and thoughts of suicide. The idea you can turn this into world history is tremendously powerful.”

The allure of a philosophy based on “the rejection of reason and embrace of death” is intense but shortlived, he said. “I think the absolutely critical thing is to see whether it mutates. Death cults do take on a terrible momentum. If individuals believe they can exert an influence on history, then al-Qa’idaism will mutate as we feared.

“To me, Britain looks like a multicultural society that’s working, apart from a few of these miserable bastards.”Guy Adams – 09 October

So Mr Martin Amis, it seems as if you drug intake habit has taken its toll and now you actually are seeing illusions too. For the rest of your racist bastard friend could you provide information and give the mobile number of the nearest dealer?

It seems that the bias media have a very good promotion going on, free publicity for anyone who attacks Islam.

For Mr Martin Amis I think his college lecturer has described his personality the more accurate:

He was described by one headmaster as “unusually unpromising”

Oh and by the way, don’t forget the drug dealers number for you bastard friends!



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