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Al-Qa’eda is winning the war of ideas, says Reid – or – Foreign policy to blame February 16, 2007

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Either he is desperate need of the tax payer’s money for funding his evil plans or he is following the footsteps of Jack Straw and causing more friction amongst Muslims in England?

Reid has also forgot to mention (deliberately) that a new survey (sample: 1,213) reinforces that there is almost no support for terrorism amongst the Muslim community. Just 1% of those surveyed supported the 7/7 London bombings. PDF version of survey can be found here. Foreign policy to blame Press Release available here

But yet this is not enough for Reid as he just wants to insight fear and a feeling of hopelessness amongst the nation where the only solution is his way the evil way.

Al-Qa’eda is winning the war of ideas, says Reid

John Reid has issued a dire warning that the Government risks losing the “battle of ideas” with al-Qa’eda.

The Home Secretary spoke out at an emergency meeting of ministers and security officials amid an ever-growing threat from home-grown Islamist terror groups.

He called for an urgent but controversial escalation in the propaganda war and said al-Qa’eda’s so-called “single extremist narrative” was proving ever more attractive to young British Muslims.

The Government needed to do much more to win the “battle of ideas”, Mr Reid said. The meeting came as ministers — including Jack Straw, Ruth Kelly and Phil Woolas — started to take a much more aggressive stance against radical Islam.

Ministers have told The Sunday Telegraph that 30 terror plots are being investigated and that 1,500 young Muslims — many more than previously estimated — are suspects.

A key government weapon in the struggle to win hearts and minds is the decision to fund covertly an Islamic website appealing for moderation. A classic of New Labour terminology, it is called the Radical Middle Way. Government documents disclose that the site is “run as a grassroots initiative by Muslim organisations”. However, it has “most of its financial backing from the Foreign Office and Home Office”. The site uses video and podcasts to spread an “alternative message” to young Muslims. Some content is available through the iTunes website with no indication that it is effectively an arm of Government. read more



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