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Afghan civilians stop terror attack at U.S. base February 16, 2007

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KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Two civilians thwarted an attempted terrorist attack Tuesday when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the front gate of a U.S. base in the Afghan capital, according to the U.S. military.

The two men, an interpreter and a security guard, dragged the apparent suicide bomber from the vehicle before he could detonate explosives, said Col. Tom Collins, the chief spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

“I think it’s a pretty amazing and heroic event,” Collins said.

He said that at about 9 a.m. Tuesday (10:30 p.m. ET Monday) a driver crashed his vehicle into Camp Phoenix, the base where the Afghan National Army and police are trained. The driver reached for what appeared to be a cord to detonate a bomb, he said.

“Amazingly, a couple of Afghans who just happened to be on the scene there realized what was happening,” Collins said.

“Anyone’s inclination would have been to run away but these guys are genuine heroes,” Collins said.

The area was immediately cordoned off while authorities waited for a bomb disposal team.

During the attempt to disarm it, the device went off. It’s unclear how much or what kind of explosive material was used, Collins said. No U.S. or coalition troops were injured. [read more]

Not a whisper from any infidel or kafir blog. Uumm I wonder why?

What?… Muslims FOIL a terrorist attack on US and Afghan forces?!? What about all that drivel about how the Quran brainwashes muslims into being terrorists? Isn’t it embedded in their DNA? How… could… this… happen?!?



1. MUSA - February 17, 2007

what terror???? how is that terrorism?? the kufar are raping and occupying there land and people
the u.s is the terrorist.
it sounds like the 2 logal guys that stopped this attack are taking a major hit. they did an act of kufar
according to shiek bin baz, assissting the emiemies at time of war against the muslims
they need to repent and make shahada, and change there evils ways.

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