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A Jewish Israeli Massacre February 16, 2007

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The Independent, September 30th by Robert Fisk

The proud western Infidels and Kafirs have turned a blind eye to a Israeli massacre almost three months ago, which not only were blatant and barefaced war crimes but crimes against humanity.

In antiquity, Pliny wrote of the cliffs of Bayada. The chalk runs down to the Mediterranean in an almost Dover-like cascade of white rock, and the view from the top – just below the little Lebanese village of Chama’a – is breathtaking. To the south lies the United Nations headquarters and the Israeli frontier, to the north the city of Tyre, its long promontory, built by Alexander the Great, lunging out into the green-blue sea. A winding, poorly-made road runs down to the shore below Chama’a and for some reason – perhaps because he had caught sight of the Israeli warship off the coast – 58-year-old Ali Kemal Abdullah took a right turn above the Mediterranean on the morning of 15 July. In the open-topped pick-up behind him, Ali had packed 27 Lebanese refugees, most of them children. Twenty-three of them were to die within the next 15 minutes.

The tragedy of these poor young people and of their desperate attempts to survive their repeated machine-gunning from the air is as well-known in Lebanon as it is already forgotten abroad. War crimes are easy to talk about when they have been committed in Rwanda or Bosnia; less so in Lebanon, especially when the Israelis are involved. But all the evidence suggests that what happened on this blissfully lovely coastline two and a half months ago was a crime against humanity, one that is impossible to justify on any military grounds since the dead and wounded were fleeing their homes on the express orders of the Israelis themselves.

Mr Fisk further explains more deliberate war crimes which the Israeli committed under the nose of United Nations and Israelis big brother the United States. The report by Mr Fisk should not really come as a shock to anyone who have at least bothered to study the Middle East especially since World War I and II, where war crimes against the Muslims and Arabs (of all religions) have existed parallel to the illegal creation of Israel.

Mr Fisk highlights some important revelations and analysis in his final concluded paragraph but I’d recommend that you read the full article for a better understanding:

A UN investigation is still underway into Hariri’s murder. An Israeli investigation is to start into the disastrous performance of its army during the war. The Hizbollah still claims it won a “divine victory” in July and August of this year. UNIFIL, which turned the refugees of Marwahin away on 15 July, stated that when they were removing the children’s bodies, their soldiers came under fire. Human Rights Watch is still investigating the killings of civilians at Marwahin and other locations and wrote of them before the war ended. “The Israeli military,” it said in its initial report, “did not follow its orders [to civilians] to evacuate with the creation of safe passage routes, and on a daily basis Israeli warplanes and helicopters struck civilians in cars who were trying to flee, many with white flags out the windows, a widely accepted sign of civilian status … On some days, Israeli war planes hit dozens of civilian cars, showing a clear pattern of failing to distinguish between civilian and military objects.” International law makes it clear that it is forbidden in any circumstances to carry out direct attacks against civilians and that to do so is a war crime. Human Rights Watch states that “war crimes” include “making the civilian population or individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities the object of attack”.

Lama Abdullah was the youngest victim of the Marwahin 23. Ali Kemal’s wife Sabaha was in her eighties. At least six of the children were between the ages of one and 10. The Israeli helicopter pilot’s name is, of course, unknown.



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