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2-yr old Palestinian released from Israeli prison! February 16, 2007

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The attached are from our local Al-Quds newspaper on Nov 1, 2006. They are from a story about a 2-yr old girl who was released from an Israeli prison near Ramallah. Her name is Aiysha, which in Arabic means “life.”

Aiysha’s mother gave birth to her while detained in an Israeli prison. Aiysha was released two days ago, her mother is still being detained under “Administrative Detention,” in other words, no charge, no trial, nothing…just a unilateral Israeli decision to detain her for 6 months at a time, already renewed 4 times!

This poor baby. She knows nothing in life but the walls of her mother’s prison cell. She only knows her father from visits, when they were possible. She has never seen a road, a city, grass, trees, a real bed, her own bedroom, a park, a real meal, friends, real toys, etc, etc.

I weep for this girl and pity the father as he is bound to be faced with her first question, “Where’s mom?,” and her mom, who sleeps tonight, alone. source/source



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